Strategies to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest forms of internet marketing where we promoting other products and get a percentage for promoting or helping them to sell their product.

Sometimes it happens that we buy something by inspiring from other.Suppose you buy a sunglass which is really good and then you tell a friend about it after listening to your review he also buys one.affiliate marketing gives you a commission for that referral.

Top paying affiliate programs

1.Hammacher Schlemmer

2.Amazon Associates


4.Max Bount


6.Regal Assets




How to start affiliate marketing for beginners/How to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners

1.Choose a Niche: To become a successful affiliater at first you should identify your Audience and find out a topic/niche in which you want to work.It helps you to work with more attention and achieve your goal easily.

2.Research about Niche: It is an art to choosing a profitable niche.Niche researching means to think about it and Researching Related first, think more and more about your niche and research Your Niche Market Keyword.after gathering niche related keyword Interpreting Your Keyword Research Results.

3.Build a Site: The most important and mandatory thing of affiliate marketing is build a site.The process of building a site is first choosing a domain name register it.After this, you should buy a hosting and connect the domain and hosting.By following this method easily you can build a website.

4.Increase visitor: Visitor is the heart of a website.You never perform affiliate marketing without the visitor.So it’s very important to increase the number of visitors.To increasing your website visitor you should analysis your website and find out your weakness.For better result complete more SEO for your site.

5.Promote Affiliate Offers: After completing all this above process you should give attention to promoting affiliate offers.To promoting affiliate programs at first you should identify which program you want to promote.Then gradually you should set up your selected programs.

Affiliate programs promoting is a continuous process.So you should promote your programs with patience.You can make money by following this process.Please don’t give up if the first time you can’t achieve what you want.

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